Ramsey Gateway and US Highway 10: We secured $31 million for the Ramsey Gateway Project and US Highway 10, projects which have been in works for years. It has been a collaborative effort between legislators, counties and local cities to improve transportation access and safety for all who travel highway ten. Highway 10 is an important corridor for those living there and conducting business and countless meetings and hours have gone into what exactly is needed for development. With this the full funding has been secured for the full development that has been planned for so long

Transportation Leader

Sen. Hoffman has been a leader in funding smart, cost-effective transportation projects. Among his many achievements as a state senator has been to secure funding for the expansion of Hwy. 610. In 2013, our region received an incredible $80 million from the newly formed Corridors of Commerce program to begin extensive road construction on Highway 610. These investments are vitally important to our corner of the metro, making us more attractive to new businesses which bring good paying jobs and add to our tax base. The new highway corridor will support continued economic growth and job creation in the northwest Twin Cities suburbs. The 2.5-mile extension will open to traffic in late 2016.

Sen. Hoffman’s steadfast support for the expansion of Hwy. 610 has also paved the way for local business growth:

  • The state recently completed a three-mile stretch of improvements on Hwy 610 between Brooklyn Park and Maple Grove that included three overpasses, noise walls and a pedestrian bridge. Gov. Mark Dayton recently announced plans to complete a connection on Hwy. 610 between Interstate 94 and County Rd. 81. The road improvements are among the drivers for a flurry of new construction in the area.

  • Olympus spokeswoman Laura Steele called the expansion project, “A No. 1 factor is convenience for our existing employees.”

  • Target Corporation significantly expanded its Brooklyn Park offices, and Sen. Hoffman’s support of the expansion of Hwy. 610 helped facilitate this expansion.