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Throughout my career, I have been afforded many opportunities to assume progressive management roles, which have allowed me to gain and implement a unique set of expertise. With more than 25 years’ successful experience in business, education, facilitation, and legislation across various industries as well as Local, State, and Federal I have developed a proven record of dedicated leadership. My professional experiences have also presented me with many opportunities to join forces with other community, local, state and National leaders to develop impactful and tactical strategies and solutions for individuals, groups, and the community at large.

As a State Senator of the great State of Minnesota, I practice and participate in the delivery of executive-level leadership to contribute to policy infrastructure initiatives at the Local, State, and National levels of government. I also hold an extensive background in educational program development, credit counseling services, and support services for individuals and families with special healthcare needs.

The following accomplishments demonstrate the value of my contributions:

I am asking for your continued support as your Senator. This role allows me to demonstrate my talents in consultation, project management, and policy development. It would also provide an opportunity to continue to gain, apply, and share my knowledge with others. 

There are two constituencies that we need to assure we operate in a collective and transparent way. The first, Minnesotans who are needing the servant leadership in order to get to self productive lives and to support those who are most vulnerable. 1 in 5 people in Minnesota live with a disability 1 in 10 have a chronic disability. They deserve leadership that is compassionate and can make the connections. The second constituency is the tax payer and deserve the attention to know that their investment for the betterment of people in Minnesota is done in a fiscally vigilant manner. For every dollar we put on the table, the federal government matches. We can do better and I have ideas on how to get that in place.

John Hoffman


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