Letters written about John and his work

To all the voters out there,
Tired of all the ads, all the misleading Facebook posts… yeah me too. As a registered Republican, I can tell you that I have had it. I just want someone in office that represents ALL of us. Republican, Democrat, Independent…. We all deserve the best from our representatives.
That is why I fully support John Hoffman. He does what’s right for all of us, regardless of our party affiliations. He crosses party lines at the Capital in order to get things accomplished. The good people of Champlin, Brooklyn Park, and Coon Rapids are very lucky to have a Senator who fights for their needs and the needs of the community. He works hard on our behalf each and every day. When the senate is not in session, you can find John at high school graduations, at public meetings, and out and about being involved in his community. He truly cares. Not the political care, but the compassionate, real care we want from those representing us. John is the rare politician who brings people together.

Please join me in voting for John Hoffman.

Mishele Cunningham
Brooklyn Park, MN

Clean water… priceless

It’s another beautiful Minnesota summer Friday, and I’m on my pontoon, floating on the Mississippi River in Champlin. I’m surround by boats filled with happy people enjoying the river as much as I am. As I look up at the 169 bridge between Champlin and Anoka I can’t even count the number of trucks pulling boats heading “to the lake”. Each time I take children on out fishing, tubing or for a simple boat ride I’m reminded that It’s a chance to show them why keeping our rivers and lakes clean, healthy and swimmable adds to our incredible quality of life. I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to relax with family and friends away from the technology and into nature. My personal thanks to Senator John Hoffman for keeping our rivers and lakes clean and healthy. I know it’s not cheap, but it’s priceless. And my heart breaks when I think of places where beaches are closed, and the water is too contaminated to enjoy. Thank you Senator Hoffman for making clean water a priority. I know it’s a priority for me! So in my book, you’re the perfect representative of what’s important to me. I also appreciated your focus and spearheading the Clean Water Accountability Act, so I can be sure the money that IS spent, is used efficiently, and people will be held accountable for the results. Again, thanks to Senator Hoffman for fighting for ME, the children in my life, my friends, my family, my neighbors and all of us so that we can enjoy our rivers and lakes. My time spent on the Mississippi river on my pontoon is my “happy place” and I can’t imagine my life without it.

Happy Summer. Happy Boating.

And Thank You, Senator John Hoffman! Keep up the Great Work.

Erin Zimmerman

Champlin, MN. 55316

I wish to add my support to John Hoffman in his reelection as our State Senator. When John was a board member for the Anoka-Hennepin ISD #11, I was a parent educator with the Early Childhood Family Education Program (ECFE). What impressed me was his willingness to listen to us, the people in the trenches, who work with families daily. What he learned informed the policies he helped develop which impacted our programs, the jobs we do, and the families we work with. His tireless work on behalf of teachers, children and their families was exemplified in his work as a School Board Member and now as our Senator.

He has worked to expand business and transportation opportunities in our district, he recognizes not only that educating our children as future contributing members of our communities is vital, but that education begins at birth and is a lifelong process. Regardless of who you are, your family is important to him and vital to making our communities and state strong, healthy and successful.

Important issues he has worked on for our communities include: increasing general per pupil funding and to make funding more equitable. He has also worked to get legislation that would increase mental health services for our schools, vital for so many children. He is getting it done.

The issue closest to my heart is his effort on behalf of Early Education. The increased funding he has helped get for Head Start, School Readiness, and ECFE goes far in giving our youngest citizens the opportunity for positive growth and development.

So thank you, John Hoffman. I encourage everyone to support him as he and his family continue to support the families of our district.

Janine Atwell

Champlin, MN 55316

Senator John Hoffman is one of the hardest working senators in the state of Minnesota. My purpose in this letter is to commend his work that benefits public school education in Minnesota.

I am a recently retired public school educator in the Anoka Hennepin School district. During my tenure Senator Hoffman was a member of the school board of the Anoka Hennepin district, and is presently a tireless supporter of education in the Minnesota Senate. John has made a point of going to countless meetings regarding education, visiting schools, talking to school board members, talking to teachers and students on how the state can help to make education in Minnesota a top priority.

In a time of dwindling funds and budgets in districts, Senator Hoffman strives to be an advocate for school districts throughout the state of Minnesota. As a retired educator, I know this senator deeply cares about education for the young people of our state. Senator Hoffman indeed is a champion for the students in Minnesota.

In my career, no other politician has come close to the advocacy or passion regarding education in Minnesota. Senator Hoffman is a man who walks the talk, and passionately wants the best education for ALL of the children in Minnesota.


Judy Blomgren

Champlin Park High School Orchestral Director (retired)

Brooklyn Park, MN. 55445

I’m currently a resident of Brooklyn Park. I also sit on the Brooklyn Park Budget Advisory Commission.

I volunteer with a local youth program. One of the goals of that program has been to introduce youth to how our local government works. We’ve found that many youth are disengaged as to the fundamentals of how their own government works. They’re especially disengaged regarding their local government. I invited Senator John Hoffman to speak to these youth about our government and he was more than happy to do so and took the time to field many of their questions. Most importantly, he made civic engagement… well, engaging.

Truly, youth are this state’s future and for them to take up the mantle as we grow older, they need to 1) understand how their own government works and 2) be well educated. On a very personal level John worked with these youth to engage them civically. He’s also shown his commitment to education with his current stances on school funding, and his past leadership as Vice Chair on the Anoka-Hennepin School District Board. At both a policy and personal level he’s consistent and accessible. That’s rare.

Often when we look to our leaders we want to hold them accountable to some imaginary list of criteria usually created by some outside organization. There’s a better test: look for the leader who cares about the details, because in politics those details happen to be people, their lives, their loved ones and their well- being. If they pass that test, they’ll consistently make the right decision when it comes to making decisions for us all. Senator Hoffman passes that test and has been doing so for quite some time.

Hollies Winston

Brooklyn Park, MN 55443

This is the first time I have ever written a ‘Letter to the Editor’ on behalf of anyone, any place or issue. Admittedly, I am not the most ‘politically savvy’ person. I have never protested on the steps of the Capitol or anywhere else for that matter. I have voted for both Republicans and Democrats in the past.

This year I have found myself wanting to know more about the how’s, why’s and more importantly, the who’s. Who is the person representing me and thousands of others from District 36? Who is the person speaking on behalf of the educational futures of my children, grandchildren and those that I care for in my childcare? Who is the person responsible for making the decision as to whether or not my mother, who is now in assisted living, will continue to get the best possible care that she is so deserving of? Who will speak for us as a community of small business owners to insure that our voices are not muffled by the banter of corporate greed? Who is making a concerted effort to recognize and address the critical needs of our natural resources, not just here in Champlin but all across Minnesota? Who is honest, open, approachable and responds in a timely manner? Who has the ability to work under pressure and not make rash decisions just to ‘get it done’? Who is intelligent, well spoken, wise and humble? Who doesn’t participate in the common practice of name calling, rumor mongering or passing the blame? Who doesn’t evade the real issues and avoid answering direct questions? Who listens? Who encourages? Who empowers? Who can I trust?

This year I have asked myself those questions and found there to be only one solid, irrefutable answer. Senator John Hoffman.

This year I will follow my conscience and in good faith cast my vote for the candidate that truly embodies a ‘good leader.’ I ask you to join me in re-electing Senator John Hoffman.


Kristall Davis

Champlin, Mn 55316

When John Hoffman first ran for the MN Senate, he kept saying he was going to do something to break the gridlock, and work together with other members of the Senate to actually get things done. I was skeptical, but it was the right message for the times.

Since he got elected, 80% of the bills he has carried have had bipartisan support. I’m no longer skeptical. John Hoffman has earned my trust and support. He is the right senator for these times.

David M Bolt

Champlin MN 55316

As you go to the polls in November to vote for our State Senator, I would like to encourage you to think about the impact of local leadership and experience on our school district and public education. At election time, it is important for all of us to think about what kind of an education and future we want for our students and the next generation of students.

That is why I am writing this letter of wholehearted support of our State Senator John Hoffman. For over a decade, Senator Hoffman has demonstrated his commitment to improving the Anoka Hennepin Schools.

As member of the Senate Education Finance Committee he understands education funding at the state level and has tirelessly worked to equalize the inequity for our students; even working across party lines to secure compensatory money for our district. While in the Senate, he authored legislation that helped provide a historic investment in our public schools. In 2015, in part to John’s work, the E-12 education bill was one of the largest in state history.

We need to have an experienced leader like John Hoffman who we can count on to represent all of us, especially those involved in the education of our children. I want to thank John for his commitment to public education. Our families and especially our students can depend on him to Stand Up for our schools and represent them in St. Paul.

Denise Dittrich

Champlin, MN 55316

We are writing to express our unqualified support for our neighbor, Senator and friend MN State Senator John Hoffman. John has been an outstanding representative for MN Senate District 36 since he was elected in 2012.

Senator Hoffman is focused on creating a strong Minnesota, one that will benefit all of us not just now, but into the future. Our Senator has driven economic development in the district by making sure our infrastructure is funded and he will continue to advocate economic growth through capital bonding projects for Senate District 36.

Additionally, with his efforts, Pre-K funding for 4 year olds is now available for children in the Anoka Hennepin District. Time and again, this is something that has been shown to build success for our youngsters throughout the rest of their school years.

Senator Hoffman has worked to create better lives for all citizens of this district, regardless of who they are and what their abilities are. He has done this in a bipartisan manner and has co sponsored many bills with his colleagues on each side of the aisle.

We hope that you will join us in supporting Senator John Hoffman for another term.


Gina and Marcus Magnuson

Champlin MN 55316

Senator John Hoffman is exactly the person we need in the Minnesota Legislature, particularly in times as divisive as these. I don’t ever recall John taking a cheap political shot at an opponent, or proposing ideas that could never pass or that wouldn’t work, just to make a gesture for political gain. John is smart, he pays attention to the details of law making.

He’s a problem solver who reaches across the aisle to improve quality of life in his district and in the state. He worked with Mark Uglem to secure $3 million to rebuild the Elm Creek Dam, the first phase in a restoration of Elm Creek and Mill Pond.

In one term he has established himself as a leader in championing the rights of people with disabilities to dignity, access, funding, and opportunity. He is an advocate for quality instruction, school funding, equity, and nondiscrimination in public education. He has been tireless in promoting Prekindergarten for all children.

He genuinely cares about people, including people who disagree with him. He reaches out to Minnesotans of all cultures and walks of life. He is a man of principle, but not an ideologue. Our district is lucky to have him. We need to re-elect this guy.

McAuley Hentges

Champlin, MN 55316

This election season has had a surplus of demagogic posturing from the national to the local level. At the local level some candidates exploit MNSure’s problems without offering any solutions; they simply dismiss MNSure as if it is a failure.

Our experience with MNSure has resulted in significant savings. We fall into the category of the five percent of Minnesotans who buy our insurance through the HMO marketplace. In 2015, our combined monthly premiums were $665.76. For 2016, we bought the same insurance policy through MNSure. Our combined 2016 monthly premiums with the MNSure subsidy are $568.02. MNSure will save us $1,172.88 this year.

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and MNSure, we have seen significant savings, and we cannot be denied access to health insurance.

MNSure and the ACA are not perfect. There are aspects of both that need improvement and revision. Senator Jim Abeler (R-Anoka) has proposed a special session to address the needed improvements for MNSure, to be called the day after Election Day, thus avoiding political posturing.

Senator John Hoffman (D-Champlin) has demonstrated a remarkable ability to work with Republicans to find solutions to the problems Minnesota faces, as has Senator Abeler. In this time of hyper-partisanship, it is refreshing to have representation from Senators Hoffman and Abeler, senators who seek and get results for all of us, regardless of party affiliation. They deserve reelection based upon their legislative successes that benefit all Minnesotans.

We see too much gridlock, animosity and divisiveness in our politics. Candidates who exploit issues without offering solutions do not deserve our votes.

Brad and Karen Johnson

Champlin MN 55316

I can’t think of a better place to raise my little boy, but it’s a constant challenge to keep him safe, happy and healthy. I love my neighbors and the kids and parents I’ve connected with through school, but I admit, I’m a little short on time to keep up with all the news, and sometimes wonder how I can stay on top of things so I’m not accidentally exposing my kids to something dangerous.

I have to thank Senator John Hoffman for really caring about our kids – my kids – and supporting the Toxic Free Kids Act to protect our little ones from harmful chemicals found in toys and products (even shampoo!). I really feel like Senator Hoffman has my back and has the time and care to learn about toxins in sippy cups, or flame retardants in kids’ pajamas or mattresses! He has the time to listen – for me – and make great, safe choices for all of us.

Senator John Hoffman is part of the “village” that’s raising my kids and voting for legislation that is really best for my kids. Thank you Senator for this gift. You’ve got my vote forever! Vote Senator John Hoffman. He cares about our kids!

Sarah Mauro

Champlin Mn. 55316

I’ve known John Hoffman for many years, first as a school board member and then as a senator. In both roles I consider John a champion; he is a champion for those he serves. When he was a school board member he fought to make the schools a great place for students to learn. To do this he listened to those around him. He listened to teachers, parents, and students. His work for the schools continues as a senator. He fights for the Anoka-Hennepin Schools and all Minnesota students at the capital. Another thing dear to my heart is his fight for those with disabilities. He has a great understanding of the needs of those with disabilities. Again, he listens to the people with disabilities and their families. Finally, John Hoffman works for the needs of the community. He’s involved in community improvements such as the Champlin Mill Pond dam and road improvements such as the Armstrong Boulevard overpass. He listens to the community. He is a champion for many. I am proud to support John Hoffman for the Minnesota State Senate.

Tom Powers

Coon Rapids, MN 55448

My son, Douglas Washington, has served five years in the U.S. Navy and came home on leave in order to get his initial drivers license. As he was stationed overseas, it was imperative that the task be completed before he returned.

Initially, he was taken to the Anoka County Drivers License station and told by the staff that he could take the test right then. My son had just come off of a 14-hour flight, but decided to take the test. He failed, and was instructed to come back later to retake the test. He was told later that he could not take the test and there were no more openings until March.

We inquired about walk-in stations that would allow him to take the test and was told there was one in Duluth. Calling ahead, I explained the situation and was assured that the test could be done there. The instructor there failed my son and told him that he would have to wait six weeks to take the exam.

I was incensed that an active duty overseas serviceman was being treated so poorly. In researching MN Drivers rules, I found that there were rules for active duty members to renew the drivers’ license, but none for an initial license.

I then contacted Senator John Hoffman’s office. John listened and was responsive. He supported my son and he was able to test and receive his Drivers’ License. Senator Hoffman then spoke about how other active duty service personnel may face the same situation.

Senator Hoffman took it a step further and drafted legislation (an amendment) that would waive the two-week waiting period for active duty military personnel. I was invited to attend the Committee hearings on changing these ridiculous Drivers License rules, I am very pleased to learn it had passed.

Our heroes deserve nothing but the best. Thank you Senator John Hoffman for standing up for our young people who serve! You have this military mom’s support and vote in November. Thank you!

Raberta Rankin

Champlin Park, MN. 55316

Most of us from Minnesota would probably say we’re supportive of taking care of our lakes and streams. Many of us have close connections to nature and have fond memories of time spent on lakes, or fishing on local rivers.

But while most of us talk the talk — Senator John Hoffman also walks the walk. His record of fighting to protect our waters, forests and prairies from pollution is long-standing. His first year in office he authored and helped pass the Clean Water Accountability Act. The bill requires the state to develop cleanup plans for contaminated waters so funding can be better targeted to cost-effective actions.

Hoffman also sits on the Legislative Citizens Commission for Natural Resources. In this capacity he helps decide how millions of taxpayer dollars should be spent to help care for our state’s precious and abundant resources — from water, air, land, wildlife and natural resources.

Our state’s forests, clean waters and wildlife are safer thanks to John Hoffman. I can breathe a little easier, knowing that Senator Hoffman is helping protect the things that make Minnesota a wonderful place to live, work, play, and raise my family.

Vote John Hoffman

Deb Schaffer

Champlin MN

Minnesota has a long-standing tradition of providing access to affordable, high-quality healthcare. Our priority should be building upon this tradition for future generations with meaningful, common-sense reforms, while continually pursuing the triple aims of healthcare reform: enhancing patient experience and quality of care, improving health outcomes, and bending the cost curve.

Senator John Hoffman believes that a truly complete healthcare system cannot leave Minnesota’s most vulnerable behind. From seniors in our nursing homes to children in our mental health system, he has continually shown a commitment to investing in services and the individuals who provide care for these important populations.

John Hoffman is all too aware that MNsure needs to work better. While many of the technical problems have been fixed and we have reduced the uninsured rate by 40%, we must continue to make the process and system more efficient and accessible for all Minnesotans. He also understands that premium increases of around 50 percent are shocking. Luckily, the increases also mean an increase in tax credits — but he speaks for all of us when he says more needs to be done.

John Hoffman has proven himself a champion for the most vulnerable among us — it’s why we must vote to re-elect Hoffman in November. He is a leader we can trust, and who has the will and the knowledge to improve our health care system for all Minnesotans.


Jane Siekkinen

Champlin MN 55316

I’m not big on politics, but I can’t deny it’s been an interesting political season. All the information makes my head swim! I often wonder how our representatives in government do it all.

And when I recently got Senator John Hoffman’s 2016 Legislative Report, I was amazed at all the projects he’s been working on and the incredibly wide range of people he’s trying to help. Bravo, Senator Hoffman!

In four years, he’s worked on bringing new businesses to our area and man, have we seen the growth! Unemployment is down, the high school graduation rate is up, and our littlest students – preschoolers and kindergartners – also have more opportunities to learn and feel successful earlier than ever.

In working with kids for 18 years a daycare provider and within Anoka-Hennepin School District, this is a very important issue for me and I really appreciate that it is equally important to Senator John Hoffman. Thank you Senator. Thank you Minnesota State Senate.

Between Senator Hoffman’s extensive work with and support for people with disabilities, and his amazing connections with our diverse community members from different cultures and religious backgrounds, I swear the guy needs roller skates to do it all! He had my vote four years ago, and he’ll have it again. Re-elect John Hoffman for State Senator.

Cathy Walker

Champlin Mn.