Mentions and Comments about John

Norman Munk – Great man , great family, a champion of human rights and lifelong advocate for Individuals with disabilities !!!

Champlin Mayor ArMand Nelson – “Senator Hoffman has worked hard for the cities he represents and has delivered results that helps support the cities priorities.”

Joan ‘Hall’ Lunderby –‎ John Hoffman is the salt of the earth. He protects the most innocent of our society. He will work hard to do what is right and protect us.

Bai Edwin Carlon – We need Statesmen like Senator John Hoffman and not career politicians

Mike Gamache – Re-Elect Senator John Hoffman. He is a hard working public servant who has earned another term in St. Paul. Thank you my friend for all you do for Minnesota.

Rich Ginsberg – Bipartisan and effective. Vote for Sen. John Hoffman on Nov 8th

Jim Leuthner – John Hoffman is a great senator

Karla Guimont Haben – Thank you SO SO SO much for your work on this! IMHO, mental health issues are the number one thing affecting our students. How can they learn if they are affected by these issues? We have gotten more services in our buildings, and we need even more mental health professionals in our schools. I know you keep fighting for these kiddos! THANK YOU, JOHN!!!

Lisa Cook gordon – I met John at a national coordinator meeting in the early 1990’s. I was the Part C Coordinator with the Michigan Department of Community but was also the family member of young child with a disability. As a mother and as a fellow coordinator I was very impressed as to how he represented families in his state. He used the meetings as an opportunity to be their voice. To tell national leaders of what was working and what wasn’t. He was always there to help identify solutions nationally. He exemplified endlessly his skills of what it means to be an advocate: to work in partnership with families instead of to work for them. As I have watched John in his role as senator the last four years; I continue to see him working tirelessly in getting legislation passed on various issues improving the health and well being and making a difference in the lives of his constituents I continue to be impressed. And if I lived in Minnesota and not Michigan I would also be actively supporting John’s run for a second term. We need more legislators like John across the country.

Abraham Brima Bah – You are the people’s senator.

Sylvia Kingstrom Goldman – Thanks for all you do for MN, John! We’re behind you 100%!

Bruce Corrie – Congratulations John Hoffman I like the way you build bridges in the community and make all welcome.

Carol LaFleur – I have to do this PSA as it is very important. Less then 10 minutes ago Senator John Hoffman called me and he is assisting me in trying to get my husbands services increased. This is a man who cares about human beings. There are not many Senators that I know that will walk out of a meeting to assist in the needs of one of their constituents and he totally gets how important this is. Taking care of us like we are part of his family. The reality that in home services are $150 per day and out of home services can costs well over $7000. He is looking at my husband and our family as a unit and cares for us. He is going to work hard to do what he can. Reality is this man gets my vote and should get yours as well.

Trudi Sexton – Vote for John Hoffman ! I especially admire his work on behalf of people who have disabilities !! He’s our CHAMPION !! MN NEEDS him !!!!

Norman Munk – A true champion ! We must elect him!!!

Joy Marsh Stevens – As a mother and grandmother, I greatly value Senator Hoffman’s tireless work on behalf of our children. All children deserve access to high quality education. Senator Hoffman is a consistent voice advocating on behalf of fully funded classrooms that prepare our children to be the leaders our region and state will need in the future.

Kris Miller – I tend to lean a certain political direction, but John Hoffman is a class act. He has the community, not his personal interests in mind. He’s opened my mind to voting beyond the letter of a party beyond a name

Champlin Dayon Press – In 2014 Champlin’s legislators, Rep. Mark Uglem and Sen. John Hoffman, were able to secure nearly $3 million to reconstruct the Elm Creek Dam. This was the first time in the history of Champlin that state bonding proceeds were given to the city.

Brooklyn Avenues at Brooklyn Avenues for Youth – Senator John Hoffman called for increasing the Homeless Youth Act appropriation by another $2 million per year, so more programs like Brooklyn Avenues can be created!

Teena Green – John Hoffman he is truly a top notch guy!!!!

Kristall Davis – John’s a ‘champion’ for us all!

David M Bolt – When John Hoffman first ran for the MN Senate, he kept saying he was going to do something to break the gridlock, and work together with other members of the Senate to actually get things done. I was skeptical, but it was the right message for the times. Since he got elected, 80% of the bills he has carried have had bipartisan support. I’m no longer skeptical. John Hoffman has earned my trust and support. He is the right senator for these times.

Kari Kaehn – I’m proud to know Senator Hoffman and his family. They are “all that and a bag of chips”.

Denise D Joe – Re-elect Senator John Hoffman, the man who is the voice for the voiceless.

Tricia Brisbine Selfless and totally for the Minnesotans he represents. Thank you senator Hoffman for putting people first!

McAuley Hentges– “Our community deserves leadership. Senator John Hoffman is a true leader. I don’t ever recall John taking a cheap political shot at an opponent, or proposing ideas that could never pass or that wouldn’t work, just to make a gesture for political gain. John is smart, he pays attention to the details of law making, he’s a problem solver, he reaches out across the aisle to improve quality of life in his district and in the state. In one term he has established himself as a leader in championing the rights of people with disabilities to dignity, access, funding, and opportunity. He is an advocate for quality instruction, school funding, equity, and nondiscrimination in public education. He genuinely cares about people, including people who disagree with him. He reaches out to Minnesotans of all cultures and walks of life. He is a man of principle, but not an ideologue. Our district is lucky to have him. We need to re-elect this guy.”

Rich Ginsberg- “Great resume. He’s also a pretty decent drummer. How can anyone vote not vote for Sen. John Hoffman”.

Susan Jeane Filby-kohler– “This is a wonderful man he helps people so much, has helped me a lot please keep him in office he is a champion.”

Peg Larsen– “He brings all of his passions to the Senate! Thank heavens.”

Missy Merschman– “I work in Kindergarten Readiness. Thank you for supporting the children in our program! Thank you for supporting all children! It makes a difference!”

Ca Ko Yes! We need to modify the above post to read, “Sen. Hoffman sees PreK-12 education as a critical trust, and he supports efforts to provide the best possible education for our children.” We are grateful for the Senator’s advocacy for early learning programs!

Lisa Steinberg– “610 is a godsend. Can’t wait for it to be completed! Thanks for all your work, Senator. Love it.”

Thomas Nurse– “You are a model of representative government. Thank you for your leadership and passion.”

Todd Axtell– “Good Luck Senator – you are a great man!”

Deb Brown Shaffer– “We love our Hoffmans! Beautiful family.”

Yvonne Selcer-”An amazing family, an amazing story, and amazing results for the people of John’s district and the state of Minnesota!”

Kelly Sue Kausel-”Thank you for caring and working hard for disability community!”

Chris Gonko– “John, you’ve been an amazing asset to your district and to the state.”

Sherry Aadland– “Thank you John and Yvette for putting another chunk of your life into public service.”

Jim Lovold– “You’re awesome, Senator!”

Kelly Sue Kausel– “I think Senator Hoffman is a outstanding Senator. I think some people need to learn what compromise is. Sitting letting the clock tick is not thinking outside the box and keeping the compromise discussions going. I thought it was wrong of the house to wait so late in the session to let the Senate and the general public be aware what was in their bill. Thanks for all you do Senator Hoffman!”

Roberta Reindorf– “I can’t be more proud ! The sky is your limit!”

Trudi Sexton– “I wish I lived in MN so I could vote for John Hoffman ! He’s a man of GREAT character and his compassion for helping others is so very strong.”

Gordy Spike Rutman– “John, I am now living in AZ next door to my mother in law. We are here because AZ law provides an housing opportunity for “caregivers” to live in a home next door to or contiguous to needy elderly folks. The law isn’t nearly as comprehensive as this one seems to be. But it allowed my wife and I to be there for my father in law in his final months. Your bill is going to help many people in Minnesota take care of elderly loved ones and I know how important that is. Thank you for championing this issue.”

Charlene Lueck– “We must keep these two honest and hardworking people in our government. There doesn’t seem to be many of them.They are wonderful people!”

Karin Noren– “More of our legislators need to follow his example.”

Joan ‘Hall’ Lunderby– “He is truly for the people. A great Senator.”

Samantha Zellman– “Way to go John, I know this from experience as my dad passed away from liver cancer at home and I was there almost every day taking care of him.”

Lisa Steinberg– “To worry about our aging parents is stressful enough. To worry about losing our jobs on top of that is debilitating and heartbreaking. Thank you Senator.”

Mary McGibbon-”Thank you John for all your support for our nurses issues!”

Julie Weinbeck Baruch– “Thank you doesn’t seem enough for what YOU do for so many, but, THANK YOU VERY MUCH, Super Senator John Hoffman!”

Fatima Molas– “Thank you, early childhood education is the key to a developing child’s brain. Great news.”

Amy Smith– “Thanks for your work with the legislation for the Oliver Kelly Farm. That is a great place – and the future plans will enable agricultural education and Minnesota history to be shared with an even broader audience on a larger scale.”

Debbi Simmons Harris– “Senator Hoffman has been a treasure to Minnesota!”

Melissa Davis– “A fearless advocate!”

Karin Noren-“More of our legislators need to follow his example.

Joan ‘Hall’ Lunderby– “He is truly for the people. A great Senator.”

Terry Burnham Protivinsky– “You are a great friend of Education, John!!! Thank you!!!”

Karin Noren– “Sorely needed. Went back home to care for my parents in their last years. I was the only one working….Long story… (paid family medical leave).”

Rick Cardenas– “I’m glad the Senate District recognizes John’s hard work. Go John.”

John C Hottinger– “I endorse John too.”

Eng Herr– “Thank you for doing the right thing. God bless! (student debt)”

Curtis Loewe– “That is truly ‘standing up for college students and their parents’ !! (student debt)”

Deeqaifrah Hussein– “Senator John Hoffman is great senator who advocates for His constituents!!!”

Buck McAlpin– “John, You represent your constituents and others at the Capitol with a passion I have seen in very few! Keep up the great work.”

Debbi Simmons Harris– “Thank you for authoring the bill and for your dedication to people with disabilities and those who care for them, Senators! And, the testimonies this morning were so compelling. Thank you to those who testified, as well!”

Kenny McDonald– “Great to see you John and thank you for knowing and caring for what is important to your constituents.”

Hassanen Mohamed– “As a small business owner, this is brilliant. The bill touched everything especially the headache of our state tax disconnect from the FED one. Thank you sir! :-)”

Kelly Wolfe– “Thanks so much for your leadership on this! It’s a great bill that will do great things for kids (bill regarding children’s access to asthma care).”

Mishy Ojama– “Thank you John Hoffman and Senator Ron Latz for making history and standing up for people like me. i appreciate your hard work and dedication to make chance possible. I’m forever indebted for you again thank you so much.”

John Underhill– “It feels like the fight is all I’ve ever known. Thanks for being a fighter too John (standing up for people with disabilities.”

Rich Bloodgood– “John you have always stood up for the regular people Guess that’s why we appreciate you so much thank you so much for all you do.”

Greg Wisher– “Help me grow was instrumental in our daughters success! Without that program we would have been left to figure out how to get connected with the needed resources. I agree this approach is much more effective and helps not only the child but the family as well. We always knew we had someone to lean on and ask for advice. Well done!”

Carole St Thomas Manwarren– “Let’s all work to get this man re-elected.”

Steve Wilson– “Always looking out for the people who need looking out for. Thank you Senator Hoffman. And you have done so much to help people living with disabilities. Glad to have you making Minnesota great, Senator.”

Gene Gelgelu, Executive Director of AEDS- “Senator Hoffman is a true friend of African immigrants. I personally thank him for championing our organization and for the work he’s done to end economic disparities in the African immigrant community.”

Paula Evander– “I have to add this: when I was going through a tough separation/divorce several years ago, I was walking down the hallway at Oxbow Creek School with 3 of my kids. I remember feeling exhausted and wondering how a soon-to-be single mom of 4 would ever manage teaching full-time and raising 4 kids. I was so exhausted that I decided to take the elevator to the 2nd floor. John Hoffman got on the elevator with us, smiled and said, “What beautiful children.” Those small words meant a lot at that moment. Maybe he could see how exhausted I was – or maybe he’s just that kind of a guy. Either way, he won my support that day.”

Krista Zoerb– “Having 2 children with asthma & MA, all the frightening hospital visits, this is encouraging. Thanks Senator John Hoffman. SF 1737 on Enhanced Asthma Care Services passed the Senate Health, Human Services, and Housing committee last night. Thank you Sen. Hoffman for authoring the bill! The bill would allow for reimbursement in-home asthma assessments and allergen-reducing product for kids on MA.”

Jen Perovich– “Myself and many others that I work with applied and unfortunately we were not selected. While this is a fantastic start, I’m looking forward to more opportunities to help out teachers! The staggering student loan debt, the low starting wage and lack of instability for many has made the educator climate that it is today. I’m very hopeful for the future! With you in office, I know changes will come!”

Brian Towley– “John thank you for everything that you have done. I know what kind of person you are and I am very proud to call you my friend. I believe that you will be re-elected.”

Darla Thompson- Beek– “There is so much we need to do as a state to be “Minnesota Proud” in how we take care of our medically fragile children. We should set a standard that all other states covet. Thanks to the discussion makers that have chosen to come to the table and represent! Let’s make a real difference in 2017. Thank you Senator John Hoffman.”

Decontee Kofa- “Just had some hot cocoa with my dear friend Senator John Hoffman. As a proud mama of three wonderful daughters, I am encouraged by the passion John has for improving our educational system, and the years of work he has done to make it more competitive. I was not surprised to hear from my 2yrs old daughter’s daycare director a week ago that John visited their center and hung out with the kids. Thanks John for all that you do for the people, especially the children, of Minnesota.”

Scott Perrier- “Senator John Hoffman is a true statesmen.”

Abdullah Kiatamba– “Thanks for your amazing leadership!”

Basil Ajuo– “Senator Hoffman, you have proven beyond reasonable doubts that you are the strongest advocate any student could ever hope for. May God continue to grant you the strength and grace that you need to continue standing up for the students.”

Katie Reiners– “Even myself (I consider myself to be very conservative) would vote for John! He works so hard to make this state a better place, especially for our children and those with disabilities (which is something near and dear to my heart). The work you both do is great and I really appreciate it!”

Deb Brown Shaffer– “John is a ROCKSTAR in our eyes! He is so committed to his causes which will benefit all of us! It really doesn’t matter which party you support, because John Hoffman is our man of integrity!”

The MN Muskie and Pike Alliance stands firmly with Senator Hoffman. “We ask that fisherman who enjoy public water and the future of Muskie and Pike fishing do the same.”